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For the last twenty years, I have been on a personal quest to understand the “Architecture of Synergy.”Placeholder  Image

This Architecture was known by the Greeks, and resulted in the Golden Age of Innovation, which, on a per-capita basis, produced more innovation in a shorter period of time than any other period in world history, including our current era. (see Resources)

The secrets were known by Christ, and were imbedded in both the Old and New Testaments.

Most of these secrets were probably preserved at one time in the Library of Alexandria, which was, for the ancient world, the most extensive and complete collection of wisdom and knowledge in the world at that time.

However, by a series of natural and religious catastrophes, these writings were lost to the modern world.

By arduous research, combined with years of testing in the real world -- the crucible of action and results -- the “Architecture of Synergy” has been pieced back together, rediscovered, and recreated.

We stand at a cross-road of Human Destiny: We have created enough technology to kill off our species, whether it be by genocide, atomic warfare, biological weapons, or global warming, but have not created a society that can live on the planet together. The problem is not our creative intellect, for there is more than enough creativity in the human species; the problem is in how we handle our differences


Next Evolutionary shift in our species (if we don’t destroy ourselves first) will be Synergistic Humans who thrive on Co-Creative Differentials in thinking, emotions, and perspectives.

(To paraphase Taillard de Chardin)

First man harnessed the energies of wind, water, and fire.
Then, once we embraced the
Synergies of Love and Co-Creation,
We truly connected with God, Humankind, and the Earth

When this shift occurs, we will progress from Homo-Sapiens to
Homo- Synergens; and at that time a new vision, future, energy, and blessing will occur on the earth



These differentials can be used either constructively or destructively – the choice is ours alone.

Built into our genetic structure is the ability to transcend these differences and create a new evolutionary shift in the human species, a synergistic human that actually thrives by using differentials in thinking as the spring-board for co-creating a new, dynamic, and prosperous world – in ourselves, in our relationships, in our communities, and between our nations.



Synergy is the Deepest Yearning of the Human Spirit

The book: Quest for Synergy is currently being written from a Christian perspective on what the Bible tells us of our soul’s deepest yearning – intense synergy. There are four essential synergies we seek -- each of which will be revealed in the forthcoming book. This quest is profoundly illustrated in the Bible, but until now, few have discerned the meaning of the puzzle.

After years of searching and reexamining the data, the Synergy Code contained in the Bible is what I believe is truly the Holy Grail – not a legendary golden chalice, but rather something that Christ would have wanted the world to have -- the key to the deepest happiness and joy that the world can truly offer – the “united kingdom of God on earth.” 

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